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Social media tips for small business owners

Welcome to the Small Business Ad Academy video series, featuring advice and ideas from business owners across various industries who found success using social media marketing for their enterprises. The series is brought to you by Chase Ink?. Learn how other business owners maximized their presence on the leading social media platforms—such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter—and gain insights to help you grow your business and better connect with customers through social media.

How a successful blog manages social media

Why Emily Schumann, the entrepreneur behind the popular brand Cupcakes and Cashmere, says you need a strategy to manage social media across multiple platforms.

A climbing gym scales up—with viral potential

Brooklyn Boulders co-founders Jeremy Balboni and Lance Pinn focus on social media as a key aspect of their marketing strategy—and have discovered a knack for creating content ripe for going viral.

Brewing up engaging content

When Sycamore Brewing owners Justin and Sarah Brigham started their business, they didn't have a big marketing budget. By documenting every milestone on Instagram, Facebook and more, they cultivated a loyal following of fans—even before they opened their doors.

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